Dog Sleeping Position Can Tell You How Happy They Are

Does your dog curl up like a shrimp when he sleeps or is he lying on his stomach with his nose to the sky? Each sleeping posture tells you how relaxed and comfortable your puppy is while napping.

10 Common Arrangements For Sleeping Dogs

mature dogs sleep from 8 to 14 hours a night, and every minute of this sleep is the time when you can observe the sleeping patterns and postures of your dogs to get an idea of how they are feeling. If you have a puppy or an older dog, this sleep time increases to 18 to 20 hours per night, enough time to take discreet photos for your Instagram.

Side bunk bed

Position: Sleep on your side with your legs stretched out.

What does it mean: everything is fine! Dogs sleep a lot when they feel comfortable. Their temperature is just right and they feel satisfied with their surroundings. This is one of the most common positions to put a happy dog to sleep.


Position: curled up.

What does it mean: Such a posture may mean that your dog feels uncomfortable or defends himself because he is well wrapped and protects his vital organs. This is a common position for sleeping dogs without a coat or newly adopted. Before you start worrying, it can also mean that your dog is a little cold; you have to pinch his toes to maintain body heat, right?

Pose of the Lion

Position: Lying down, with the head on the paws, almost as if they had fallen asleep in the middle of a practice of “lying down”.

What it means: Your dog may be napping, but this posture indicates that he is ready for anything. They can jump into battle at any time, either to play with their friend or to hunt their nemesis, the squirrel. It’s the canine equivalent of how your dad falls asleep sitting in his chair and swears to stay awake all this time.

Superman (also known as Spot)

Position: Belly down, legs extended forward and backward. We all know and love a good part of it.

What does it mean: Have you finished playing? Maybe they are overworked and collapsed where they were hit, but they will gladly wake up for the second round! The Superman position is a favorite of puppies and high-energy dogs.

Belly Up

Position: Face up, on all fours in the air, the belly asks for tingling.

What it means: His tummy and all these vital organs are exposed to the public, which means that your dog feels safe. They know that you take care of them, and nothing can hurt them. This position often becomes less comfortable for older dogs, but a good memory foam support can throw these beans back into the air. It is also the best position to observe how the paws contract while your dog is dreaming during that good deep sleep.

Hugging beetle

Position: Snuggling up against (or directly on) a friend.

What does it mean: When your dog was a puppy, she slept curled up next to her siblings. matures are happy to communicate with people and pets that they consider their family. Straight to you, buddy.

Back to back

Position: Like a person sleeping on his side, but pressed back to back with a friend.

What does it mean: Snuggling and stomach bulging, sleeping on your back is a sign of intimacy. This pose is the best way for your four-legged friend to show that he feels safe with his sleeping partner. It can be another pet or your beloved. If that’s you, congratulations, you’re the one.

Combine harvester

Position: Curled up under blankets, clothes, pillows or wherever he can bury himself.

What does it mean: A dog that likes to settle comfortably under a blanket is looking for comfort and security. They can enjoy the dark and cozy feeling of a cave under a blanket, just like a sleeping mask helps you isolate yourself from the world. They could also deflate a little – the blankets will come to the rescue. It is the favorite dish of restless dogs who feel reassured by the light pressure that envelops them when they fall asleep. If your dog is digging burrows, place a blanket on your dog’s bed and let him take a happy nap.

White bear

Position: Lying with the stomach on a cold surface.

What does it mean: Does the debilitating heat make you lose layers? Don’t be surprised to find your dog lying on a cold tile floor. This is a good way for them to cool off and you will probably get a good tingling in the puppies if you take it as a signal to turn on the air conditioner and bring them cold water.

Resting on a pillow

Position: The head and neck are elevated on the pillow, the armrest of the sofa, the edge of your dog’s bed, etc.

What it means: If you notice that your dog’s head and neck are usually up when he sleeps, this may indicate that he is trying to relieve respiratory problems. Be on the lookout for other symptoms, such as rapid or noisy breathing and shortness of breath during exercise, and consult your veterinarian if you are concerned. If you do not notice any warning signs—you can relax, maybe they just appreciate a good pillow.

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