Toys to Relieve Your Kitten Teething Woes

There is nothing more comfortable than a new kitten! But with these adorable big ears and wide open eyes, comes the inevitable (and a little less cute) teething phase in the kitten.

From the initial stage of teething in a baby to the teething stage in a mature person in a few months, here are our two cents on how to relive this pleasant moment for your new four-legged friend.

How Long Will My Kitten’s Teeth Last?

Oh yes, the old question is: when do cats start teething? You will start to see the kittens’ milk teeth coming through the gums in about two to four weeks. This initial phase of teething can last up to eight weeks.

The second cycle of teething usually begins around the age of three or four months and the 30 mature teeth appear around seven months.

In general? You observe about four months of teething during the initial year of your kitten’s life!

Toys to calm your kitten’s teeth

But panic not, new pet owners! Many kitten toys will keep your little tufted teddy happy and safe, so that his sofas, laces and other furniture are safe.

Here are some of our favorite types of toys to keep in mind:

Hard Plastic types of cat teethers often use a textured surface that is used to massage your four-legged friend’s gums while he chews. Such a toy should make your cat happy to chew and come back for a new one!

Dental floss: These toys are usually made of soft fabric and strong dental floss stretched on top. The dental floss relieves the gums when the kittens bite and chew the toy.

Fabric toys are often more focused on what’s inside and are usually catnip. Catnip stimulates a surge of energy and periods of play followed by a period of relaxation, which is ideal for a teething kitten. Just make sure that the catnip fabric toys are sewn twice for strength.

Cat Treats Will Keep Your Cat Busy

We all know that the way to the heart of any kitten is through its stomach. (although rubbing your head doesn’t hurt either. Here are some delicious treats for your teething friend:

  • Meowing of Hearts and Zen
  • Soothing treats for cats

These tasty and nutritious treats have a calming effect, ideal for stressed animals who are teething. Made with real meat and no artificial toppings, they are also a great way to relax after eating catnip.


Cat Treats For Hairball Holders

These salmon treats are perfect for snacking. Prepared with prebiotics and probiotics for a happy stomach, these treats have a bonus: omega-3 and 6 for a shinier coat!


If you are new to teething kittens or if you are an experienced professional, just remember: this tooth will pass (see what we did there?). In the meantime, stock up on chew toys and healthy treats to keep your cat happy and safe during the teething phase.

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